The Benefits of Sage Intacct and ADP for Your Healthcare Organization

The Benefits of Sage Intacct and ADP for Your Healthcare Organization

The Benefits of Sage Intacct and ADP for Your Healthcare Organization 1280 720 Lucentive

The Benefits of Sage Intacct and ADP for Your Healthcare Organization

In fast-paced industries such as healthcare, time is everything. Employing methods to save time while performing tedious housekeeping tasks, for instance, means more time poured back into improving the quality of care that patients receive, and improving the business as a whole.

Best-in-class software solutions make it more efficient than ever for businesses to tackle mundane operational chores, such as bookkeeping and payroll. When these types of software solutions can be combined, running a business becomes that much more seamless.

Sage Intacct + ADP: A Match Made in Heaven

For accurate, centralized, and efficient accounting, our first pick for healthcare organizations is Sage Intacct. The software is versatile enough to be used across industries, but is intuitive and sophisticated enough to address many of the healthcare industry’s needs specifically. With powerful core accounting features, dashboards and reports that enable a real-time view of company financials, and collaboration abilities to communicate within a team, Sage Intacct helps healthcare businesses automate and streamline processes.

Even better, Sage Intacct has integrated with Workforce Now (by ADP) to incorporate payroll into the accounting process. This means:

  • Effortless on-time employee payments, while avoiding penalties and errors with comprehensive payroll solutions equipped with integrated tax and compliance management;
  • Fewer HR calls and backlogs with employee self-service features;
  • Streamlined and automated payroll that connects to Sage Intacct.

How the Sage Intacct and ADP Relationship Benefits Healthcare

The integration of Sage Intacct and ADP offers substantial benefits to the healthcare industry. Sage Intacct’s robust financial management capabilities ensure that healthcare organizations can efficiently manage budgets, expenses, and revenue while ensuring compliance with strict regulations like HIPAA. This financial clarity empowers healthcare providers to allocate resources effectively, and make more informed decisions. 

ADP specializes in payroll and HR management, which are crucial in healthcare, where staff scheduling and compliance with labor laws must be strictly observed. The integration streamlines data flow, enhancing accuracy and timeliness in payroll processing as well as the management of benefits.

The time and attendance tracking and self-service portals that ADP provides also gives healthcare employees the tools to manage their information more efficiently, reducing administrative burdens and organizational headaches. These features demand less manual effort for some of the more monotonous, yet necessary, housekeeping items associated with running a business.

Ultimately, the Sage Intacct and ADP integration makes for a powerful combination of software features that enable healthcare institutions to enhance financial stability, streamline HR operations, and maintain compliance. With the compulsory elements of running a business taken care of, medical centers and clinics are able to focus on what matters most: patient care.
If your healthcare company is bogged down by the time-consuming tasks of accounting and managing payroll, we encourage you to reach out to learn about implementing more effective practices.

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