Why Lucentive? Learn About the Lucentive Solution

Why Lucentive? Learn About the Lucentive Solution

Why Lucentive? Learn About the Lucentive Solution 600 302 Lucentive

Why Lucentive? Learn About the Lucentive Solution

Do you believe that the services you invest in should bring true, lasting value to your business, and act as a long-term solution to the problems you’ve been trying to solve?

…We do.

At Lucentive, we’ve earned our “get it done” reputation with over 25 years of empowering our customers and transforming their businesses. We help small to mid-sized companies harness the power of best-in-class software solutions that support their growth and expansion. Our goal is to help our clients work smarter, not harder, by automating and streamlining where possible to make work more seamless and enjoyable.

Ultimately, we pride ourselves on helping companies do more of what they do best with less technological clutter, less confusion, and less stress.

Who We Are

We provide leading cloud accounting software for the healthcare, financial, and professional industries, empowering our clients for success. Our seasoned and experienced team of former CFOs, controllers, and CPAs have more than 100 years of combined experience, and have paved the way for numerous business transformations, tackling hundreds of projects. We are proud of our 100% referenceable experience, and have never once failed an ERP implementation. Rest assured, businesses can count on our insight, guidance, and expertise.
Services We Provide

At Lucentive, we speak fluent ERP. We specialize in:

ERP Advisory—we help businesses implement enterprise resource planning software that fits their unique needs. Having a strong software system in place enhances financials and operations, and enables teams to make more strategic decisions in real-time that improve performance.

Program Management—our dedicated ERP experts will work closely with your team to manage the execution and launch of your new system, offering integral project management that optimizes the business’s use of the software.

Business Transformation—through selection to launch, we support businesses in successfully implementing their chosen ERP solution. We have the experience, team, and skills to execute a business transformation that delivers real value and makes a big impact on the company.

Software We Recommend

We only select and recommend top-of-the-line ERP solutions to the companies we support. A strong software will keep up with business growth with advanced functionality, flexibility, and a dashboard of comprehensive core financial functions.

Considered the leading accounting and financial management software, Sage Intacct is a highly versatile and powerful ERP solution that integrates workflows, reporting, and other accounting features. It consolidates existing tools and tedious processes, automating them to free up company time and make businesses run more efficiently.

With Sage Intacct, users can benefit from improved financial accuracy, faster financial close, enhanced financial visibility, and greater control over their financial operations. The software is highly scalable and can accommodate the needs of growing businesses, making it a popular choice among small and mid-sized enterprises.

Our experts have been working with Sage Intacct for years, and it is our top recommendation time and time again for our clients.

Work With Us

If your business could benefit from a strong partnership and powerful software solutions, we encourage you to contact us. We’ll help you get the most out of your systems.

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