IntelRise transforms into Lucentive

IntelRise transforms into Lucentive

IntelRise transforms into Lucentive 2560 2560 Lucentive

FRISCO, TX, Friday, January 21, 2022 – Lucentive is the fresh new rebrand of IntelRise, a technology firm providing expert guidance on ERP selection, project management, and tech-stack business transformations. The firm is also an ERP value-added reseller (VAR) who has been in the ecosystem since 2005 and is well-known for its reputation of never having had a failed implementation while delivering 100+ business management solutions to mid-size and multi-national enterprise companies. Due to a potential copyright infringement with Intel, IntelRise has chosen to rebrand and gain a fresh start to coincide with their recent growth. At the heart of this new visual identity are a new logo, company name, and website. The new brand also aims to better represent the company’s focus, vast industry experience, and emphasis on building strong relationships.

While Lucentive is a new brand, the company and team have over 100 years of combined experience. Richard “Rich” Harbin, Founder and President of Lucentive and IntelRise, has run other successful VAR Partner companies, bringing over 25 years of experience working with a wide variety of ERPs, and is excited about the projected growth in the mid-market ERP space. The Lucentive team plans to leverage its’ vast array of successfully delivering various enterprise ERP packages, including Oracle EBS, Oracle NetSuite, IFS, and SAP, to focus on Sage Intacct solutions for the mid-market space. With high customer satisfaction ratings and scalable integrated platforms, Lucentive highly recommends Sage Intacct for small to mid-market companies seeking a best in class enterprise solution. While often brought in by global, publicly traded companies to manage their ERP selections and digital transformations on a wide variety of solutions, Lucentive enjoys bringing this knowledge & expertise to small & medium size companies seeking a partner to grow and scale their organization – with long term impact.

The Lucentive team plans to continue growing as an organization of seasoned professionals. They will continue to help clients improve and automate business processes, all while delivering best-in-suite business management solutions. Rich Harbin added “Empowering our clients for success is the primary focus of the Lucentive team as we deliver scalable full ERP solutions to the small and mid-market business sector. Our commitment is to earn the trust and establish a long-term partnership with each client, and continue to be a part of their ongoing success and growth.”

The new company name, Lucentive, is a linguistic blend of words and is a combination of ‘lucrative’ and ‘incentive’. The meaning behind the name is that they see technology as something that makes clients more lucrative, providing increasing incentives over time for scalability, efficiency, and employee satisfaction. As Harbin stated, “The Lucentive name is representative of our team’s passion and desire to help companies become sustainable and profitable in the highly competitive global marketplace.”

To help with the rollout and launch of their new corporate vision, Lucentive hired a marketing expert specializing in the technology industry, Krista Magnusson of Magnusson Enterprises. Magnusson worked closely with the Lucentive team to devise a more modernized brand identity while focusing on their true differentiators – lasting client partnerships and outstanding expertise in change management & business management solutions. Magnusson also led and managed the rollout of the new website design, and brought in excellent collaborators with Hooman Studio for the strong website design and development, and Lee James Abbott for the unique new logo design.

Lucentive’s new logo is rooted in the company’s commitment to building strong client relationships. The logo includes two intersecting lines that subtlety capture Lucentive and the Client not only working alongside each other but collaborating and driving towards success, which is represented by the multi-colored star. “Our growth and success are dependent upon our Client’s success, making every client an important client of Lucentive.“ summarized Harbin.

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