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Inadequate project management plays a major role in failed implementations. That’s why hiring a qualified & dedicated project manager is critical for a successful software implementation. Our ERP experts will work closely with your team and manage the execution & launch of your new ERP system. We offer integral project management, so you are protected and get a larger ROI, as fast as possible.

Strategic & Valuable Partnership

During the entire process, from inception to successful go live, we share our industry insight and technology change management expertise to your business thrive.

Leverage Our ERP Tool Kit

We utilize best practices to monitor, evaluate, and improve both the project status and the ongoing changes in a business as it embraces a new ERP system. Business Transformation

Proactive, Not Reactive

We manage project risks proactively based upon our 25+ years of experience. We know what to look for and will catch & avoid common issues that derail projects.

Strategic Partner & Executive Steering Committee

Leverage an experienced & highly skilled partner who has managed & delivered over 100 successful implementations.

A Leader in Project Management

We create an adaptive & agile Project Management Office with clearly identified roles & responsibilities that guarantee project success.

Risks, Issues, Decision, Actions (RIDA)

We establish and effectively manage RIDA to control scope, enforce accountability, and timely decision-making during a project.

Effectively Reporting Project Status

We know timely, relevant, informative & accurate project status updates are vital to avoiding surprises and continuous change orders.

Change Management Experience

To ensure project success & achievement of deliverables, we provide effective leadership in the soft side (or the people side) of change.

Team Player & Leader to Drive Implementation Deliverables

We make relationships & communication a priority, so they help drive planning & implementation efforts towards desired results.

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We bring experience from small businesses and multi-national public corporations –always focusing our guidance on your unique needs & goals and aiming to get you the most ROI as fast as possible.

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