Why Your Business Should Consider Cloud-Based Business Management Solutions

Why Your Business Should Consider Cloud-Based Business Management Solutions

Why Your Business Should Consider Cloud-Based Business Management Solutions 1351 900 Lucentive

What is a Cloud-Based ERP Software? 

Cloud-based ERP software is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that runs in the cloud rather than on servers and other hardware hosted on premises. By implementing cloud-based business management solutions, you will be better able to visualize and manage all operations of your business from a single unified platform. Your company will be able to react faster to changes in the market and improve productivity.

You might be asking yourself, “what is the problem with the existing business management software solutions my company is already using?”

Oftentimes, companies are already using software such as Microsoft Excel to handle tasks such as inventory management and customer relationship management (CRM).  

This creates many opportunities for costly errors to arise.

Fortunately, cloud-based business management solutions exist to help companies prevent data errors and use real-time information to improve their business. 

Cloud-based ERP business management solutions increase the efficiency and productivity of company business operations.

Benefits of Cloud-Based ERP Software

By implementing and using a cloud-based ERP software solution, you can take your manufacturing business to the next level. 

Access to Real-Time Data

With a cloud-based ERP software solution, data produced by the various departments of a company is continuously being collected and processed. 

By having access to real-time data, you will have the capability to make business decisions more rapidly and intelligently than your competitors that do not use cloud-based ERP software as a business management solution.

Scalability of the ERP Software

Unlike with traditional ERP software that is hosted on premises, cloud-based ERP software is hosted and operated in the cloud. This means your company will not have to make a costly up front investment in IT hardware. 

To handle temporary increases in demand, or permanent expansion of your company, you can simply take advantage of additional resources of the cloud. You will not have to add to, or upgrade, company IT infrastructure.

Mobility of the ERP software

Cloud-based ERP software is accessible from anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available. Company information is always available at your fingertips. 

Ease of Migration 

One of the leading advantages of the cloud is how flexible it is. Easily migrate your business to the cloud and access it from anywhere. Typically, a change of management solutions can be a difficult process but with Cloud ERP migration, it is easy.

Cloud-Based ERP Software vs. On Premise Software

Compared to ERP software hosted on premise, cloud-based ERP software is:

  • Easier to manage. Implementing a cloud-based ERP software business management solution does not require the purchase of IT hardware and software such as servers, networking equipment, operating systems (OSes) or databases. All IT hardware and software needed for the operation of the ERP software is managed by the provider of the cloud-based ERP software.
  • More secure. The provider of the cloud-based ERP software takes care of keeping up with, and applying, security patches and updates. The ERP software will be up to date at all times, minimizing the risk of unauthorized data access.
  • Increased uptime. With ERP software hosted on premise, there is always the risk of a power failure or natural disaster damaging critical IT infrastructure necessary for the ERP software to function. Cloud-based management solutions reduce the risk of downtime. Cloud-based ERP software is hosted on IT infrastructure distributed among different geographical locations to protect against natural disasters. For additional security, ERP software data is backed up regularly to multiple data centers. 

Regardless of whether your ERP solution is cloud-based or hosted on premise, your company will benefit from the increased efficiency and productivity created by the implementation and use of a cloud-based business management solution.  

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